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Mercedes Benz C220 -93 W202 Automatic
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First of all I would like to say that im not car expert or native english speaker . So I might use wrong terms and have weird sentences. But ask me if anything I say doesnt make any sense.

So, my Merc is having very weird problems. Its C220 -93 with automatic gearbox (~270 000km and rising). It drives very well and seems to have no problem at all for a first hour of a drive. Then sometimes it stops answering to gaspedal for just a half of a second. Nothing much, but you notice that the engine is not there. But apart from that, it goes like nothing wrong.

Then sometimes, when you slow down for a intersection and lift your gas pedal, the engine shuts down and wont start for a while. When you let it stay for 30s-1min it starts, but may shutdown again soon. Or be like nothing ever happened.

I took the car to local Merc mechanic and he has tried some magictricks but nothing has worked so far. He cant even access the car ECU via diagnostic tools.

Could you guys tell me what could be the problem
Sincerely, your fellow Warrior of the Road :)

EDIT: MAF and catalysator has been chanced about 1000km ago.
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