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Greetings All! Welcome to the BenzWorld C219 CLS Forum.

It's past time that this forum had a general tech index / pre-purchase inspection checklist. So I've volunteered to establish one. The CLS "4-Door Coupe" is a pioneering design and we're making this a great forum for it.

To start off, we'll be collecting threads and posts which pertain to the most significant repair issues on these cars, such as Airmatic suspension issues, idler-gear guides, 7G-Tronic behaviour, etc. Then I think we should probably congregate all of the maintenance stickies into a general thread which indexes them (here).

Remember also that the W211 E-Class model is substantially similar with a much larger customer base, so many issues will have been discussed in that forum.

Anyway, either PM me or Qubes with links to the information you have found most useful or simply post them in this thread. I'll take care of organization and clean-up. Feel free also to make suggestions of any kind. We're all here to help one another.

Much of this information should also be useful to those looking to purchase CLSs too.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want help with an issue, supply your particulars i.e. year, model, mileage, location etc. You can put this information in your profile by hitting the 'User CP' link at the top and left side of every page on BenzWorld. Then 'Edit Your Details' and you're good to go. Or just click on the links I just inserted

If you have searched the forum and this list and don't see any solutions to your issue, feel free to start a new thread but PLEASE give it a descriptive title; e.g. "Navigation Malfunction" and "Mass Airflow Sensor Question" are a lot more useful for future search queries than "Someone help with my problem!!" or "2006 CLS500" ... Also, either of the preceding is better than appending your issue to this post, because far fewer people will see it here. TIA!

C219 All fuse and relay box assignments

DPF Sensor location

ESP Malfunction Error message

Airmatic malfunction (pic included)

HELP! Airmatic compressor fuse and relay

Replacing Brake pads on 2007 CLS550

CLS500 Transmission problems anyone?

Timing chain idler sprocket issues for the 550 V8 (VIN check from W209 Forum)

CLS55 Fuel Sender Unit and Fuel Smell

Replacing CLS500 valve cover gaskets and breather sealant

DIY Oil Change for CLS63 or E63 AMG with Pictures

Window Regulator Threads: 1 2 3 4 5

Please suggest more! Post below or PM me with links. Thanks.

Before posting a new thread:

(Note that the Forum Search feature now permits Google Search as an integrated function, and it often works better than the 'VB Search' option.)

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