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This post provides the location of the 4 fuse boxes, and the assignment of the fuses & relays on the C218 CLS-class.

It is valid for all engine variants from MY 2006, but later years may have additional fuses/relays fornew features.

Details are supplied from my WIS as follows;

a) The 4 fuse and relay box locations.
b) Pre-fusebox F32 in front engine compartment. Fuses f 150 to f 164.
c) Interior fusebox F1/1 - also termed the cockpit fuse box. Fuse f 1.
d) Front SAM & fuse/relay box in front engine compartment (N10/1) Fuses f 1 to f 36. relays J to R.
e) Rear SAM & fuse/relay box in trunk (N10/2) Fuses f 37 to f 92 relays A to G.

There are 15 pre-fuses (including 3 spares) on the C218. The pre-fuses are the protection for the high current consumers. Typically 100A, they are not likely to fail unless the car is in a collision. They are not shown on the MB supplied fuse chart.

The pre-fuses may be of use when looking for a battery drain as they save the chore of pulling every fuse in the car looking for the cause.

Fusebox F1/1 only contains one fuse. The wiring diagram of this fusebox is included.

Additional caution. Most pre-fuses have battery voltage permanently connected (circuit 30 - unswitched +12v dc) even when the ignition key removed from the switch. So be careful with your tools touching the chassis (earth) if you remove one of these fuses. Their appearance is very different to the blade fuses used elsewhere. I believe that they are known as the 'cartridge' type.

A note about the +12v supply code shown on the fuse drawings. It indicates the position of the ignition switch is when the supply is available.

15 = switched battery power, live in positions 2 & 3.
15R = switched battery power, live in positions 1, 2 & 3.
30 = unswitched battery power.
30g = switched positive, fused.
30z = cct 30, 1st input.


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