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Mercedes C200 Break 2004
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I bought my first Mercedes a few months ago (second hand C200 Break Elegance Full Option from 2004) and it's supposed to have an alarm system but I would like to set it off so I know it works.

The previous owner told me it's activated by movement detection inside the car: I've tried moving inside with the key out of the ignition, leaving a window open after I close the doors and waving my arm inside, ...

When I remove the key, a LED starts to blink on the left side of the radio so that should be an alarm indicator.
By now my neighbours are convinced I need therapy, but I have not yet managed to set of the alarm.

Any help is welcome.
(just to be clear: throwing a brick through the closed window is not considered "sound advice")

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Are you sure that you have an Interior Motion Sensor? I don't have it in my CLK coupe, and I have just about everything else.

It's an optional extra feature. The OFF switch is on the center console, and has the outline of a car with 4 'soundwaves' inside.

To prime the system, the side windows and sunroof must be closed. and the car must be locked. And it takes 30 seconds after locking to be primed.

Best way to check it? Put a dog inside!
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