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Should i drop or not ? Brabus springs or H&R ?
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Wow ! Drop it. Get H&R springs and 1 pt pads !

How much did you pay for the Brabus wheels ?
Cool! As John said, lower her.
Re: Wow ! Drop it. Get H&R springs and 1 pt pads !

Paid $1670 shipped. Had to pay California sales tax.
H&R is cheaper and the drop is perfect.
Re: Wow ! Drop it. Get H&R springs and 1 pt pads !

Onie, is $1670 incl. tires ???

How big is the wheels 17'' or 18'' ??<br> <br> I just got the H&R sport springs yesterday and it looks great and rides more comfortable for me.<br> It costs me $325 incl. the installation.<br> <br> DROP IT THEN!!
My C320

brabus monoblock V multipiece<br> 8.5 19' all around<br> pirellies 7000 series 235/35<br> h&r sport springs
is it me or are those brabus monoblock v's played out.
Everyone has them but they do look really good IMHO !
i agree they do look good but seeing it everyday and everyone having it makes it look boring

but if you're happy w/ it, go for it.
Re: Onie, is $1670 incl. tires ???

Tires not included and they're 18's. Where did you get the springs ?
Rears are too low

low rider huh
Re: Re: Onie, is $1670 incl. tires ???

discount tires center at El Monte, CA
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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