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C-Coupe Rear Speakers Sound Terrible

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I have the standard non-Bose stereo and the rear seat speakers on my C-Coupe sound terrible. The front speakers by themselves actually sound decent. Is this how it is on other C-Coupes or is there something wrong with my car? What size speaker are these and would changing the speaker make a big difference or does it need a little boost or is the sound limited by physical constraints? Has anyone replaced these speakers or put an amp back there? <br>
I'm not an audiophile by any means so any help in this area would be appreciated.
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I have no experience with sportcoupe but i've<br> upgraded my sound system in the Cwagon (factory<br> non-bose). I think that besides fact that the<br> rear speakers are not mounted in the doors, there<br> should be no big difference.<br> <br> All the speakers in new C including front and<br> rears are custom speakers and its plastic<br> housing is integrated with element that holds<br> it to the body. So that means there is no direct<br> replacement for factory speakers because anything<br> else won't fit in place or even if it fits there<br> will be a large gap between speaker and its<br> grille which will make system accoustically<br> worthless.<br> <br> What i did? I've destroyed factory speakers, making sort of 'adapters' of them (removing<br> magnet, cones, membranes and all the stuff - only<br> the outer plastic ring remains) and then mounted<br> Brax/Helix speakers on them. Good sealing is<br> critical. It was a first step of my audio upgrade<br> but it sounded decent after that.<br> <br> Factory speakers are 6.5' front and rears 5.25.<br> <br> Then i decided to add 3-channel amp and subwoofer.<br> Email me if you want any details.
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Re: Re: C-Coupe Rear Speakers Sound Terrible

I can't find the Brax/Helix speakers anywhere. There are Brax/Helix Caps (don't know what that's used for but they look interesting). Are these speakers really expensive? What would be good moderate priced speakers? Also, how did you get the speakers off (door panel, speaker grill, etc)?<br> <br> Would it pay to install an extra pair in the hatchback area and tie that in with the rear seat speakers? Would that require a small amp?
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