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C Class Re-Design

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I am in the market for a new car and am heavily considering the 2005 C230 Kompressor. I know this current C "body style" has been out for several years. Is there any anticipation as to when a redesign is to take place? THANKS!
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I believe the prior body style C-class (W202) was sold in the US for 7 model years (1994 - 2000). If the current C-class were to be sold for this long, it would be redesigned for model year 2008 (and available in 2007). However, I've read a few articles that indicate the next C-class will be out for model year 2007 (available in 2006).
any other insight into this or articles to read?
the S class is due out early next year as a 2007 model....this make the c-class next in line for a makeover. Hence i think they will have the new C out during Fall 06' as a 2007 model. You will likely see a C350 and a new engine developing low 200hp (has to compete with the new 215hp motor in the 325i). The AMG will likely be out early 2007 (wonder if they will stick the E55 V8 into that we know that they can squeeze a V8 in there seeing the current C55).
The C350 will be around 260 hp. There will be a smaller version, though. C280, maybe.
Any word on a the Diesel C320 W203 making it to the states? Will the C240 get replaced for 2006 like the 320 is replaced with 350?

I am not sure that I like the next C class body style too much. Plus with all the electrial problem that crop up on new complex cars I'd just as soon have the older body that has the electricals worked out. For me an 06 C350 would rock, but I think it will be just out of my price point like the C320 is now
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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