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C-Class clear side markers for B-Class??

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Has anyone been brave enough to try C-Class clear/smoked side markers on the B-Class? I know that they will NOT fit 2006-2008 B-Class cars, so this would only work on 2009 B-Class models judging by the size and shape.

From what I can see, the LEFT side marker on the C-Class would have to be installed on the RIGHT side of the B-Class and vice versa to make this possibly work. Thoughts? Anyone try it already?

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I have a white 2009 B200T and the orange markers sure stick out. Curious how this works out. I suppose they would be Canadian street legal... if they are on an other Canadian car... or am I missing something?
To be legal, they'd have to refelct and shine orange.....
Once the weather warms up, I'm tinting mine. My other car has the clear ones which are much nicer and a LED blulb.
Hard to tint orange:D
I'll post a DIY when I do mine. ;) Tinted taillights for some guy but personally I hate that look.
I'm planning to change mine this weekend.
anyone can confirm if they fit B correctly and if you have a PDF file or any guide so I know how to change them ?

Let us know if it works.

The 2009+ B Class has a very different side marker shape from the earlier ones.
The 2009+ B Class has a very different side marker shape from the earlier ones.
Thanks for your reply.
My car is B200 2007 non-turbo.
Can I change them to the C-class one ?
and anyone have any manual or guide. I don't know how to remove my original ones.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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