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C-240 opinions and will 1 forward baby seat and 1 rear baby seat fit?

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Hi, I am dumping ML 320 (going out of warranty) and was wondering if someone would provide an opinion of the C-240. Specifically, if any of you have children, is it roomy enough or pain in the tail? Wife drives A-4 and it is too small to put baby seat behind me when I drive it (rear facing). Any ideas on how it drives in snow? I am in Cleveland and DEFINITELY need something decent in snow (if really bad I can get ride etc, but everyday can be a challenge). PLEASE let me know, I have to make a decision ASAP. Please post here or email me or if you hate it and think it is waste call me 800-422-2446 thank you, Joe
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Hey Joe. I was in a simmilar situation. Went from a 1999 Tahoe to the 240. I love this car. Our daughter is almost two now so I can't comment on the rear facing seat but its not bad at all for the forward seat. I don't think it would be a problem. You will not be able to ride a third person in the back though unless they are REALLY skinny (ie. 10 years old) Getting the baby in and out took a while to get used to but its not bad. As far as snow, I'm still waiting to find out. Will put on Michellin Arctic Alpin or similar. I think the rear drive will be great with proper snowies on it. I'm in Saskatchewan so figure I'll be on snow and ice for at least 6 months of the year.<br>
I cannot tell you about the baby seat, my kids are older. But as far as winter it's not bad C320. I live in Minnesota and have a Tahoe and had a Audi front wheel before this and I love the car. If you turn off the ESP system it locks up the rear axels and there is another buttom labled S/W, you put it on winter and it starts in 2dn gear. You don't want the sport pkg or you'll have to get different tires for winter.
doesn't sound good

I've been shopping the MB240/320, Audi, BMW for a while and I don't think the 240's a good fit for what you describe. The c240 is actually smaller than the A4, 85.5 vs 87.9 cu.ft. I thought the 240 was a real dog in stop & go traffic around town. A few years ago I drove a Passat and it was more enjoyable than the 240 although not as prestigious or possibly safe. I would look at an A6 or Passat.
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