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99.5 golf TDI,03 C 240 Elegance,08 ML350
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Hi.This is my first time here,just recently bought 2003 C240 Elegance and wanted to change all the fluids.
I listened your advice to do a search before I post new topic and got myself confused.Yes my question is about oil,AT fluid,and diferential fluid.
There is so many opinions from '04 'till today that I don't know what to use.

Mobil 1 0W40,Amsoil 5W40 Europian,Liqui Moly 0W40,Liqui Moly 5W40 or Elf Excilium.
What do you guys use for ATF,and diferential.
I also have 00 TDI golf and I use Liqui Moly 5W40.

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