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c 230 coupe questions

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i bought a 230 coupe a few months ago, and i love's a great drive and the ride is nice...i want to do some modifications on questions are...<br> 1. since it's an automatic, will it have a dramatic increase in performance if i get a pulley kit, or will there be no great significance compared to a manaul transmission?<br> <br> 2. where in southern california can i find a brabus wheels dealer?<br> <br> and..<br> <br> 3. any other suggestions or comments on how i shouldthink about modifying my coupe, i would appreciate it
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I know my dealer, MB of Laguna Niguel sells Brabus stuff and also Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach is a Brabus dealer. <br> <br> Several have done a pulley kit on their automatic coupes and are very pleased with the results. 30 HP is 30 HP, automatic or 6 spd. I really enjoy my ASP Racing pulley and have had no problems. It does run lean so the fuel correctives have to be set to Stage 2 or 3 in the ECU by the MB dealer no matter what pulley you get.
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