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Hello everyone.
I'm new here.
My current vehicle took a crap on me(Volvo S70 T5, oil problems resulting in blown rod bearing). While replacing an engine wouldn't be so much to do, I can avoid a lot of body work by just replacing it.
So I'm in the market for something new to me.
I have $5k I can spend. Sounds like nothing and it is. Honda's are more expensive than European cars. But I'm guessing it's because of maintenance.
Having owned a Volvo all my life, I'm used to expensive dealer repairs and an internet knowledge base. I expect no different with a Mercedes.
Well, I found a '99 E320 in my area for $5k. It has 119k miles, corporate owned for first 6 years. Car Fax is quite good, but the car has no dealer maintenance for last 3 years/30k miles. Dash picture while engine is running looks like this:

Interior is clean as is exterior.
I have never owned a Mercedes before, and this is one of a few cars I'll be seriously checking out this weekend.
I watched a E320 walkaround video to get an idea of how everything should work.
Anything in particular I need to look out for? Thanks.
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