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Considering buying a r129:
1992 300sl
185.000 km
A lot of accessories: orthopaedic seats, electric everything
ADS (with new CPU)

I’ve read a few buyers guides, and the car check a lot of boxes.

Equipment: I’m still concerned with the A and all the electronic equipment. It’s all working for now - but is it a smart choice?
Rust: Over all nothing to see the car is treated with Mercasol. Inside the back left side jack point, I see this:
Small noise: When gently accelerating, a light tingeling/squealing sound is heard.

Any advice or thoughts on condition?
Best regards
*edit: corrected from ASD to ADS

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114,000 miles....185km...Almost 30 years old...
Maintenance records?
Rust is...expected....but very little.
I'd be test driving and and hard stops. Looking for pulling to either side while braking...
Oil...condition and when last serviced.
Soft top...cycle it a few times.
Climate control...test it out.
Normal things one does when buying a car.
Engine noise...squealing? Belt? Tensioner? Bearing?
Expect to spend a few Krones if you buy it for something unexpected. Sellers are not always forthcoming with....issues....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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