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See my email/fax send to President MB Canada 2 weeks back. No response from him.

Dear Mr. Breitschwerdt,
I take this opportunity to bring to your kind attention melancholy that
I am suffering while purchasing a car from your Mississauga dealership.
I visited this dealership on Oct 25th for buying a C350 car. I informed
the sales rep that I can buy a car immediately if it is available in
stock at this dealership, as my current car lease is expiring in a week.
He confirmed that one white colored C350 with black interior is
available in stock right at the dealership. I made an offer for that
car. He got approval from his manager and accepted my offer. I paid a
deposit of $ 1500 as advance on my American Express and the sales rep
took me to the business office for completion of documentation. While
in the business office I requested to see the car, while the business
office completes documentation. The sales rep went out for getting keys
but returned back in minutes informing that the car is not in stock, and
probably the computer was showing wrong status of inventory. This was
quite a surprise for me. I inquired from the sales rep, sales manager,
and the business office manager that how is it possible that the
dealership is not aware of their inventory status, and that the computer
system of one of the biggest car makers in the world is showing wrong
status of inventory. They did not reply, however they informed that
this car is still under manufacturing and is schedule to arrive at the
dealership in the 3rd week of Nov. They also promised to search and
locate a similar car in the inventory of other dealerships and get me
one as soon as possible. I said I am still ready to buy a car from them
provided they arrange a rental car for me until my car arrives at the
dealership, since my current car lease is expiring on Nov 5th. The
sales manger agreed to get me a rental car on Mercedes Benz corporate
account; however when I contacted the dealership next day they declined
to provide a rental car, still promising to get me a car quickly from
some other dealership before expiry of my current car lease. Not
satisfied with this attitude I called the General Sales Manager (Peter
Fuller) and left a detailed voice message for him, however he never
returned my call. I than contacted Mercedes Benz customer services
department for help, and the customer services rep (Sarah) promised to
settle this issue, informing Mr. Peter will call me immediately to
settle the issue. Getting no call from Mr. Peter I called the customer
service again and asked Sarah about follow up; however at this time she
changed her stance and told me she can only ask Mr. Peter’s assistant to
call me. I asked Sarah about the manager of Mr. Peter Fuller and she
provided name of Mr. Billy Roger Regional Head. I asked her if she can
convey my message to him to contact me, but never got a response. Mr.
Peter’s assistant called me, and next day I visited the dealership and
met with Mr. Terry to discuss the situation. He informed that he is not
legally bound to help me since he had not yet signed a purchase
agreement with me, only accepted my deposit. I told him that I am not
talking of legal grounds and not going for any legal action, but expect
a fair treatment from an esteemed institution like Mercedes Benz. I
also signed a purchase agreement with the dealership, and they put in
writing on the sales agreement that the car will be delivered in the 3rd
week of Nov. However they declined to provide a rental car. Next day I
called back the customer services again and asked if they had conveyed
my message to Mr. Billy Roger since I had not received any call from
him. The customer service did not give me an appropriate reply, and I
told the customer services that I will now be contacting the President’s
office of Mercedes Benz Canada. I also obtained contact information for
the customer service manager. After an hour I received a call from Mr.
Billy Roger. I informed him of my complaint in detail including that Mr.
Peter Fuller never returned my call. He said he will deal with Mr. Peter
at his own level. I requested him if I could get a rental car, or
alternatively I could arrange a rental car on my own and to subsidize my
sufferings he can give me free extended warranty; however he did not
reply. Also, to my surprise Mr. Billy informed that there is a glitch in
the company’s computer system for the last several months and as such
they cannot tell with certainty about the inventory in hand or in
transit. This news was unbelievable coming from the regional head of one
of the world’s top class car manufacturer. Next day, getting no
response from anywhere I called the customer service again for follow
up, when Sarah informed that Mr. Billy Rogers had decided that no
further action is required on my complaint, and so nothing further can
be done. She also informed that Mr. Billy Rogers is the final authority
for Mercedes Benz Canada and his decision is final. I than called the
Toronto Office of Mercedes Benz on Friday and left a voice message for
the Manager of customer services as well as for the Vice President of
Mercedes Benz Canada.

I am sure reading up to this point you can realize how much frustrated a
customer would feel from this situation, and how could this adversely
affect the reputation of your company – only due to some incompetent and
irresponsible employees. I would humbly request you to please look into
this personally in the better interest of your company and clients.

With profound regards,

Dr Asif Mahmood

Dear Mr. Breitschwerdt,
I have been sending emails to you, but unfortunately without any response. Probably this is one reason why your staff is also unresponsive towards customers. I have not seen a poor customer service than in this organization. Last week Terry asked me that i should not contact you or head office in Germany and he is going to settle the issue, but today he has changed his stance. Now i have no option left but to issue all our correspondence to media Globally for the information of the public - how i was cheated & treated by your staff. I will be visiting Germany next month and will try to visit your head office as well to personally apprise them of the situation.
Best regards,

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Welcome to Benzworld and sorry to hear of your bad experience.
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