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Hey, first post here.

I probably will pick-up a black/black C230K in 2-3 days. From extras it only got premium package, heated seats, automatic tranny (with man shift) and 6 disk cd changer. There is also window shades, 6 air bags and other minor things (not sure if its extras tho).

I test drove it last night. My other car that I use to own (Audi A4 2.8) seems like had more power and definitely nicer/richer interier finish then 2004 MB (go figure!). It had all power seats, bose sound, moon/sun-roof, wood trip, etc. with about the same price tag.

Now, the most bad impression was those stupid semi-auto front seats! WTF is that crap?! They couldnt add extra motor to move it back and forth? Just plain un-confortable!

Anyway... thanks.

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