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Buying Advice Wanted

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I'm looking at possibly getting a W124 or a W201 190 2.6, but I was hoping some of you could provide some buying advice for the 190.

Is there anything specific to look for in regards to this car/engine combo. I am a former C Class owner so I am not new to the world of MB (or buying cars), but I know very little about the 190 2.6 as far as mechanics and trouble spots.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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Both the 300E and the 190E 2.6 have the same M103 inline six, which is smooth, but somewhat troubled by headgasket failures. As you can imagine, the lighter weight of the 190E makes the combination a bit more potent and there are many more 5-speed manuals in the W201 family than the W124 if you are so inclined. To get the same peformance in a W124, you'd have to go to a 300E that has the M104 twin cam inline 6.
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