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Buying 77 Mercedes 300E, what to look for?

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Hey, hows it going? I'm thinking of buying a '77 300e. The dealership is selling it for $2300. The miles on the car read 131,000. This has to be false, also I took the car for a run, and it is a pretty solid car. What else should I look for? Should I take it to any mechanic and ask him to look at it for me. What are the common problems with this car? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

~Pete Santos
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I'm going to feel stupid if I am wrong, but I'm pretty sure there was no 300E in 1977. There was only the 230E and 280E gas models, and the 240D and 300D models availible to North America in the sedan, coupé and station wagon form. I imagine someone has changed the badges, or it is a 300D.

Mercedes 300E
I presume you mean either a 280E or 300Diesel if it's is a W123. 320E & 350Es were the larger S-Class W116s.

The miles on the car read 131,000. This has to be false,
Not to sure what you mean buy this?
A 131,000 mile 6 cylinder Benz if looked after and serviced correctly should look and sound almost new especially if it’s a 300D. There should be no rattles or oil visible on the engine and should have a clean exhaust with no smoke. The Diesels may smoke slightly and may not be as quite but should have no rattles or knocks.

The body should be checked on the front inner wings (water gets trapped around battery and brake servo) and the rear wheel arches tend to corrode. Also check in the boot and the underside behind the rear wheels.

Can't really comment on the price but in the UK a mint early '80s 300D with service history (important) can be found for around £1500 the petrol’s even less.
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