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Buying 1990 300SEL help

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Hi Folks, I am new to the forum and to Mercedes. Considering buying this old car (1990 300SEL) but having a hard time tracking info on it - as well as blue book. Can anyone tell me:
1. models it most compares to from 1992-1993 (so I can compare blue book prices),
and any other info about it that would be useful to a newbie like me.
Thanks so much!
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^^ Agree. Marvelous car. Also agree that the M103 is the best Mercedes gasoline motor ever made.

Don't scrimp on condition. As you will note from the threads in this forum, one cannot really economically restore a W126 car as far as cosmetics are concerned. It makes more sense to buy the $10,000 one in pristine condition than the $3500 one that needs a little TLC. Mechanical items can be fixed. Paint, interior, rust, wood, etc., not so much.
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