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Buying 1990 300SEL help

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Hi Folks, I am new to the forum and to Mercedes. Considering buying this old car (1990 300SEL) but having a hard time tracking info on it - as well as blue book. Can anyone tell me:
1. models it most compares to from 1992-1993 (so I can compare blue book prices),
and any other info about it that would be useful to a newbie like me.
Thanks so much!
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I have a 1990 300SEL. It's a wonderful car. The engine is arguably the best Mercedes engine ever.

But the car's value depends entirely on the condition and maintenance. It could be worth $100 or $10K+, depending on condition.

KBB doesn't tell you anything, because these aren't handled by dealers, and KBB only tracks dealer sales.

Prices you see here on benzworld for-sale are a bit on the high side, because the cars offered here tend to be well taken care of, and because we're a bunch of fetishists.

Two non-obvious things to check: air conditioning (looking for evap failure) and reverse gear (looking for rear clutch drum failure).
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