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okay, the 2.3L 8V in the us is fuel injected and is called the M102 engine. The chassis...

okay, the 2.3L 8V in the us is fuel injected and is called the M102 engine. The chassis is a W201. The engine is pretty solid and easy to work on, there's a lot more room in the engine bay than with the 2.6L six. The valve seals are known to harden with age and then leak; the a/c system is prone to leaks as well; the engine has a timing chain, not a belt, so the chain doesn't usually need to be replaced, but the tensioner and guide rails do. The serpentine belt and its tensioner should be checked. Pretty much all the rubber parts in the suspension and engine/drivetrain should be looked at. The motor sits on hydropnuematic mounts that are service items. The transmission is also on a flexible mount. The drive shaft connects to the engine and differential via "flex discs" that are rubber pucks that can crack and fray. The front and rear (famous five point links) suspension consist of numerous plastic and rubber joints, torsion arms, roll bar brackets, etc.

Inside, the cruise control amplifier is a common source of failure. The window lifts and sunroof motor/cables are also trouble spots. Mercedes did a very good job in undercoating and sealing with wax, so rust is generally a problem where window or trunk seals have failed. Lift the trunk carpet to check, as well as taking a look at the lower edges of the inside of the doors. Rust is typical around the jack holes on the side of the car.
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