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Thermal underwear may recharge your cell phone

Scientists may have found something to improve power shortage: body heat. STLToday reports.

"Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy and the University of California at Berkeley say recent findings point to a way of making silicon into a better thermal conductor for turning even small amounts of heat into electricity.


The secret, they say, lies in nanowires, or microscopic strands of silicon. Arranged and bent in a particular way, they channel heat energy far more efficiently than current designs for thermoconductors.

With improved efficiency comes better energy conversion, to the point that even the temperatures generated by body heat could produce enough electricity to charge the batteries in small technology.

Ideally, this finding could lead to <>special clothing and other wearable materials that produce electrical current for batteries in cell phones and handheld computers, or power the devices themselves." Thermal underwear may recharge your cell phone
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