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Hi, guys!

In 2002 I replaced my headlight doors with new ones. Now, many of you will know that in order to remove the headlight assembly, you have to remove the parking light by unscrewing a nut of some sort on the inside of the fender. On replacing the parking lamps, I fastened the driver's side one too tight, and the plastic tab to which it fastens to, broke off. I tried to re-attach it with superglue, but it kept on breaking off.

I always noted that the parking lamp wasn't totally secure, but nonetheless it never dislodged in all this time. However, yesterday when stopped I behind another car, I noticed that the lamp's flickering was rather low on the other car's reflection. Well, it seems as though it banged quite a few times, breaking some of the orange trim.

So, seems I'm off to the junk yards soon :crybaby2: .


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