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i have a problem with my v220 i dont know if its normal since i only have owned the car for about 2 month, and i love driving it !! BUT

when i ride on a bumpy road ( roads with holes in and so on) it dont have to be big holes i think, it just have to hit the 2 backwheels the right way or something. When it do that it offen sounds like someone hitting my back door with a football on fullspeed --the first time i had it, i went out of the car to see if i had been hit by anything but nothing to see

maybe im getting crazy cause of it, but it also seems like the suspension dont have the hardness in th back on both sides and it also seems like that the football hits the right side of the back (seen from the back) everytime

could it be a stabilizer or something like that or is it normal with sounds like that :confused:

btw. the air suspension seems to work with out any errors and the car is also at normal level

Best Regards
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