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Hi all,

It's been awhile, but last night, my son was out in a fairly heavy snowfall, and although the 4Matic is awesome when you need get up and go in the snow, he found that it's not so good when there is a stop sign at the bottom of a hill.

He was able to avoid hitting any poles/transformers/mailboxes (it is a three way intersection, and he was going down the middle road), but took it into a snowbank that had some fairly hard icy stuff under the new fluffy snow.

Bottom line damage is the bumper lower panel is toast. The passenger side fog light assembly was dangling from it's wiring, but appears to be largely intact and re-usable. There is some minor cracking of the bumper cover, but it could be left and re-used.

I was able to locate the parts for a very reasonable cost at (I assume they are not painted).

My question, is how tough is this stuff to remove and replace? I didn't see any DIY in the sticky on this particular job.



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What a coincidence. My then 17 year old son had a parking lot stanchon jump out in front of him 18 months ago. Thank heaven neither of the young men were hurt or the airbags deployed.

We did a DIY in about 4 hours. The car was a pre-facelift '97 E420, so it was a little bit different than yours, but roughly the same.

Upon dissassembly, we found the bumper metal and one frame member were slightly bent, but we worked around that. This took me several tries to get all the fender/bumper/hood seams to line up correctly. (The photo shows how far off the seams were before I could get it right.)

The collision also broke out the passenger side headlight bucket restraints, and we wound up with DEPO headlights during the next overhaul.

Sooo - be prepared for the unexpected.

Had to shop around to ensure that the sidemarker cut out and the fog light placements were the same replacement part. About $320 if I recall.

AutohausAZ had good prices for the three parts we needed: bumper, bumper trim, and lower valence.

Painting set me back $270 because there were two parts of different color.

It was a good father-son bonding time.


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