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i did a search and found instructions... as for a guy with no experience on removing bumpers like me.. i want to see pictures on how it's done. did anybody ever got a chance to save pictures from linh's post?

1) Remove the top 2 screws by the center grille.
2) Remove the 4 screws on the "engine plash gaurd" (big black plastic that cover the bottom of the engine)
3) Look under and inside the front bumper between the 2 lower grill, you should see a screw on each side, remove it.
4) Remove the fender well plastic cover enough for you to see the "hex bit" screw holding the side bumper to the fender well.
5) Remove the hex bit screw.
6) Disconnect the bumper side light and foglight on the passenger side.
7) Disconnect the bumper side light, foglight and ambient temp sensor on the driver bumper.
8) The bumper is now ready for you to pull or push straight out toward the front of the car.
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