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Bumper Plugs to Cover License Bracket Holes

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I just took delivery of a new CL55 in Brilliant Silver. Unfortunately the prep center had mounted the front license plate bracket which on all current model Mercedes necessitates drilling 2 small holes through the front bumper. I never have been a fan of front license plates, so I took the bracket off and am now left with 2 small holes. I found out about a company called Bumper Plugs that makes these plugs to plug the holes in Porsche bumpers. All Porsche bumpers are factory drilled for license brackets in Germany on the assembly line. The bumper plugs are color matched and professionally finished. The problem is that since I need to have this company do a custom match for the Mercedes Brilliant Silver, they require me to purchase 4 sets from them. I only need one and am looking for 3 others that would be interested in the remaining sets of plugs. It you are interested, please contact me at [email protected] . Once I have 3 other interested people, I will go ahead and place an order. The amount per set is $27 including shipping. Please see the below website for further information and pictures of what these plugs look like, however I'm also including a picture of a Silver Porsche bumper in this msg.


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