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Built in Garage door opener and rolling code garage doors

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Anyone who ordered the built in garage door opener for their SLK and who has a rolling code garage door (like me) will find it does not work and Mercedes are not much help.

Their garage door operators only work with standard 433MHZ garage door openers so anyone with a more modern "rolling code" garage door opener (ie the code changes every time it is pressed for security) will find it will not work.

There is a solution however. You need to order a Universal receiver from

and add this to your garage door motor. It then works fine. Costs about 45 Euros.
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SLKInNJ - 1/26/2005 2:17 PM

Doesn't this negate the security benefits of the rolling code technology?
Doesn't what negate the security benefits? Climbing down a ladder fast?[:D]

I also programmed mine for my rolling code opener and hade no problems.
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