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82 280GE LWB RHD
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Time flies, the friendly forum memory tells me the last time I signed on was October 2005. However, since my 1982 280GE only gets about 600 miles a year, that’s only 1500 miles ago. I stopped calculating mpg’s a while ago, now I calculate dollars per mile. With regular petrol/gas up to $2 a litre (US$6 a US gallon), it’s running about $0.85 (US$0.68) a mile. However, given that we have few roads on the island, and my other car is a BMW C1 (the motorscooter with seat belts and a roof), the 280GE only gets two fill-ups a year. However, G useage may change soon, but only if I can find good answers.

Serious question:

It’s looking like some changes are coming where I would have the money to do a complete refurbishment (not a historical restoration) of the old girl. However that does not mean a paint job or anything fancy on the visual department - from a user perspective I want it to look just as it does now, dents, oxidised paint and gouged leather and all. Mechanically, with over 300,000 miles on the odo, it will need some serious work. Also I would like to update to power door locks... locking five doors is a pain especially when dashing for the ferry.

Given that this is New Zealand, where people are seriously worried about carbon credits, global warming and excess fuel consumption, the 280 petrol motor needs to go.

There are two ways to go:

1. Install the most fuel efficient MB motor around
2. Go radical and replace the motor with an electric motor

If money were no object, what do the best minds on this forum recommend? This actually is a serious question.

Alternatively if it looked hopeless, would there be a newer, far more efficient G-wagon where I could bolt on my 460 body (5 door LWB) and install the custom leather interior I made myself (1/4 inch thick saddle leather)? If so what is the best, most efficient G that has been made. As we are in New Zealand, we do not have US DOT issues, but we do drive RHD.

Look forward to advice.
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