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bucking/jerking '95 C220

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Recently my '95 C220 has been intermittently bucking/jerking when I
come to stop. Only does it in D/R, not N. Seems like a misfire but
the check engine light's not on and I had the plugs changed less than a year ago. Thinking it might be some problem with the throttle since the rpms start
to go down at the stop with the computer giving more gas to compensate. So you feel the bucking with your foot on the brake while the
computer's trying to accelerate. When I start the car it also intermittendly does the same thing; rpms start to go down and then a momentary surge before it settles down to normal idle speed. Otherwise the car runs fine. For what it's worth this problem
began right after I had my crank position sensor replaced. Anyone else
have this problem?
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to me it sounds like a maf sensor giving out and/or something with the engine wiring harness.
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