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Hi Everyone,

I'm in a bit of strife here. I was driving around today, and whilst accelerating, (no more than 1/4 throttle) I felt the pedal sag and with immediate loss of power. The was like 10 cm of freeplay in the pedal. I nearly had to floor it to get any acceleration. In the end, there was no respone from the engine, no matter how much I pushed the accelerator. It just sat there at idle.

I'm not mechanically minded but upon popping the bonnet, I found that the accelerator cable and retracted into the little hole that it goes through in the throttle linkage to the engine!!

The whole thing together with a spring, is held in place by a piece of rubber that kinda acts like a rubber stopper in the throttle linkage. Whenever you accelerate, you retract the accelerator cable, pushing on the rubber stopper and thus pushing on the throttle to the engine.

What happened in my case is that the rubber stopper had cracked and worn out, popping through the socket it's supposed to sit in and thus, when I push the go pedal, the mechanical link to the throttle is broken.

I've pulled the rectangular rubber stopper back out and tried to seat it in the socket, but it still slips a bit in because it doesn't seal properly anymore. It should stay with gentle acceleration.

Sorry for being long-winded, but has this happened to anyone before?? I hope you know what I'm talking about. Is there a quick fix? The reason is because I'm trading this car in a few days for a '96 CL 500, and I don't want to shell out anymore than I have to to get this fixed, nor do I want to get less for my trade in because of a such a minor thing

Thanks in advance [:)]
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