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Went to close the sunroof the other day and the button disappeared into the dash - [:(!]

Does anyone know how to remove the piece of facia the button is in so I can get round the back of it? It's a '85 2.3-16 with the button above the central air vents; there's a screw in the cowl for the vents at the bottom - if I undo this will the panel come loose? Access to the screws is tight so I'd probably have to remove the vents themselves - do they just pull out or what?

Any help much appreciated!

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1990 190E 2.6
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A picture of the exact area you're talking about would help, but here's my 2 cents:
-yes, just pull the vents out (needlenose pliers
work well)
-the piece won't come right off after unscrewing
the'll have to try to pull at it
from a couple of different angles b/c parts of it
are recessed behind other parts of the dash
(i.e. cluster)
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