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Broken part identification please!

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I was servicing my car the other day when I noticed this broken component(in the red cirle, its cream in colour and has a wire going in each side), can someone please identify it and tell me what it does, thanks.


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Hi Neil,

I'd wager that bit is ceramic and has some sort of resistor in/on it. Blower fan... ?

My US '87 car has one under the brake booster.
I'll investigate further.

Preresistor.. I think for the Auxilary Fan.

Cheers, MBL

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I think my aux fan sensor(located in the thermostat housing) is faulty, could this be related?

The fan fails to cut in when the engine gets hot which can cause the engine to boil up. When I earth the single wire that goes onto the sensor the fan works fine and the car stops boiling up. When I replace the sensor tomorow I will also replace the resistor.
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