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Broken Instrument Cluster Glass

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Does anyone know of where I can get a replacement instrument cluster glass for my 93 SL600? Or does anyone have a dead cluster that wants to sell?
The previous owner cracked mine and I would like to replace.
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Cluster Replaced! Some notes

I just purchased an excellent used cluster lens from a member on this forum. It was in excellent shape. I have a couple of notes for anyone doing this in future. I believe the best way to remove the cluster is by removing the bottom knee bolster trim (the trim under the cluster). Then you simply (and carefully) push the cluster out from the back with your hands. I was talking to the parts guy at the local MB dealer when I was buying some replacement cluster bulbs and he told me even the MB service techs have been known to crack older clusters by using the mercedes hook tool. When replacing the cluster you are replacing the entire lens and black shroud which makes up the front of the cluster (not just the front clear lexan). You will need to pop the clips holding the two pieces together and you will need to remove 2 small torx bit brass screws at the top to get the two pieces apart. Thanks to all who posted!
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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