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Breaking into the W124..

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I have a problem. I left the keys in the car when I was washing it the other day and the immobiliser locked the car for me... I do not have spare keys because I lost them a few months back..

Anyway, anyone know of a way to break open the door of a W124 sedan with minimal damage?

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I just broke into my car today with success. This will only work if you car is running as you locked yourself out.

I noticed if I could hit the button to bring the window down I could gain entry. I got a flat head screw driver and a wedge to pry the window open enough at the corner to get the wedge in. Then I took a 3' by 1/2' rod to press the window button and within 2 minutes I was able to open the door. Of course if the car was not running this would not work. You would then need something to hook into the door handle and pull it open and that would be tough. The handle is stiff and you might need to pull from the passenger side.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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