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I have a set of AUTHENTIC brand new, never been used AMG Monoblock rims still in the box. I had gotten them to put on my car and never got the chance. And as much as it saddens me to get rid of them, I no longer need them and they’re taking up too much space.

I wanted the staggered look so:
Front: 7.5J X 17 B6 602 00 83
Rear: 8.5J X 17 B6 602 0085

I have them listed as quite pricy because I paid a fortune for them and I almost didn’t get a full set. I got them in two parts the rear in October 2011 and the front in November 2011. When they were filling the order for the fronts, I got a notice that they couldn’t find any in any of their warehouses so they probably weren’t going to be able to find one. After my breathing down the parts guy’s neck for 2 weeks, he finally found one in Switzerland to complete the set.

So bottom line, I have brand, new authentic, they don’t make anymore set of AMG monoblock II still in the box. I have them pricy because I paid a fortune and jumped through hoops to get them. I only have 1 picture from my old phone, but for serious buyer’s I can get more photos from my dad or have him send me them to me.


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These monoblocks have to be the top 3 most aggressive/beautiful wheels ever made.
If I were truly wealthy, I'd hang um up on the wall.
But for now my monoblocks have to spin time on the car.
They are beautiful and you cant do better.
Just like Porsche Cup one wheels on a 993 or on an Audi RS2 or on a Porsche 928GTS.
They are perfect shoes.
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