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do most of you think that your stock 'braking power' is sufficient??

i'm asking as i've just changed my front brake pads....i installed Textar's (oem units). but even before that if i used to go out and purposely do brake tests they seem fine....but last night i had to do a emergency braking procedure and they seemed completely insufficient. i do realize that instead of 25mph during my test runs i was doing perhaps 45mph....but it didn't seem the brakes were strong enough.

secondly, does everyones abs come on with a lot of 'grinding' type dealer says its normal.

also, is the 300se/l equipped with the same spec discs / pads as the 420 or 560's?? i'm running stock 15" wheels so if there is a difference, i should be able to upgrade to the 560's specs w/o any issues.

thanks again....sorry for the rather long-winded story here!!
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