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Brakes, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Alignment - Pricing Questions

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Trying to gather some information prior to having work done and wondered if anyone would be willing to answer the following questions with respect to:

Brakes Front (pads & rotors)
Brakes Rear (pads & rotors)
Brake Fluid Flush (for a car with SBC)
Coolant Flush

1 - What was your cost?
2 - Where did you have the work done - dealership/independent?

I need new tires, too, but I'll be checking Costco or BJs since the dealership quoted me almost $1,000 for new tires (yikes!).


PS - Does anyone know if the rotors can be turned/machined? Or do they have to be replaced each time you replace pads? On my old Volvo, they would not turn the rotors ...
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I have encountered far more underservicing by a factor of 20 to 1 than over servicing. If you purchase an older mercedes than I highly recommend you conduct a thorough check and find out what you may need to change as far as fluids.
Coolant: It offers lubricity and anticorrosives as well as providing a the medium for moving heat out of the engine.

The rear end is often neglected for the most part.

The transmission fluid runs a close second.
I agree with the PH but what about the lubricity that the coolant provides. I understand the water pump needs it. Its a harder to accept that the lubricity can stand the test of time "15 years"
You seem to understand Mercedes pretty well. I have been involved in the automotive trade for over 25 years. I have seen "other cars come in destroyed" Because of coolant.
If mercedes makes a good coolant you are making a trusted fan out of me.
Mercedes is a very different animal. One I am very unaccustomed to. I have a Mercedes 450sl I am restoring and she is different.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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