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BRakes and Sensor

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Hi Men, I had my brake wear light come on. Changed pads and rotors myself. Yes I cleaned everything, applied a little grease on slides. I also bought a new sensor. My car is a 2007 R350 4matic. The tool to remove the calipers is a 9MM Allen wrench BUT you must have allen wrench with the ball on the end.(rounded off). Bolts were tight. Bolts for caliper holder was a 17MM and has locktite on bolts, they were tight as hell!!!
OK, so only 1 sensor, it was on pass. side. $6.50 wholesale. Brake wear light never did reset by itself. changed a new sensor today, will see if all is ok. WELL Duh,I do need brakes,don't know I didn't look thru rim see how easy is was to see I needed them. So for fun,I paid the money on website. Some good info but just average info. If your a mechanical person no big deal. Use wise judgment and all will be fine. Maybe we should put gas stations at dealerships and they can fill the gas for us since that might be too technical on a benz. REMEMBER, Benz is a car too and some joe in the back of the shop is not a rocket scientists. Peace out.
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How many miles did you have on your R350 when the sensor went off? And how much did the dealer charge you for the pads? How long did it take you to change the pads?
Mercedes call for replacement, i.e. not reuse, of caliper mounting bolts. Also the pad mounting pins.

IMHO it's a mistake to attempt DIY such as this without the official procedures, either via the Service DVD or via download at In addition to above specifications, the official procedure contains: "Install brake pads without grease."

It also has "notes" regarding reinstalling wear sensors.

Curious whether "ARI" brake pads came in a Mercedes box with the appropriate hologram seal. This since a google of "ari brakes" only turns up "American Remanufacturers, Inc."
Was trying to change the front pads myself couple weeks ago. The bolts for caliper was too tight for me to get them lose, not enough space to work around without lifting the car up. I end up paying local garage an hour labor cost to do it. Pads got from eBay for $100 for the front.
For years I bought Mercedes and BMW parts at Auto Parts at AutohausAZ - OEM Auto Parts - Discount Replacement Parts, Resources and Car Care Tips. You will find very good prices and OEM parts selection. It looks as if there are not that many parts for the R yet.
Its just a car!
It's just a car's most important safety feature.
You may need to clear/reset the message. My guess is there should be a certain sequence described in startek or you may be able to do it via star tool. I am getting my star tool and will try to play around with it.
I have been doing "routine" maintenance on my vehicles since I was old enough to drive -- about 30 years ago, that is something my dad tought me to do. I have the money to pay the dealer to do it, but CHOOSE to do it myself. I even enjoy it -- most of the time. I guess it is the engineer in me. I have not changed the break pads on my 2006 R500 yet, but when it is time to do so, I will tackle the job myself. I have the R-Class DVD and will use it as my guide. I don't understand why it seems that so many people "cringe" at the thought of doing this type of maintenance themselves??? Oil changes, cabin filter, air filter, light bulbs, brake fluid, etc. Are almost always fairly simple things to do on most vehicles. I say if you want to do it...get the DVD, read the instructions, follow them and then share your experience on your favorite forum and enjoy the did-it-myself satisfaction gear heads like me get when the job is done :)
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where did you get the R DVD? I am trying to get one.
I got mine from my local MB dealer. Just go to the parts department and ask them to order the STAR TEK DVD for your R-Class or an easier way to get it is to call 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES and ask to order one over the phone and have it shipped to your house. For my 2006 R500 the Star Tek DVD Part # is: P-2700-251-07. Mine cost me abot $70.00
Thanks a lot for the info. I just called the 1-800 number and ordered one. Same part number for my 2006 R350. $60+tax+$10shipping.
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