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Brakeline routing ?

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My brakelines had severe rust under the rubber mounts and I therefore removed both brake and fuellines to the rear of the car.

Did not take pictures, this should be straight forward !

Now, when installing an original MB brakeline from the front adaptor to the distributor at the rear (#225) , routing it under the child seat and on top of the trailing arm, the line is about 20 inches too long. Should it be routed differently ?

The EPC drawings are not very helpfull.


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Thank you Elrick,
thought the ABS was an option in the EPC and read it off SA 11173 (ABS) as a valid part for my car.
My car is an early 85, and I can only get the EPC drawing you have by forcing it to a late 85 version. With the full chassis number (WDB1070461A027454) subgroup 90 shows only non-ABS brakelines on the official Daimler Benz EPC I am using.
Under EPC part number search, the part number A1074208028 shows up as "not valid for this car".

I am having finger trouble with the EPC?

Should the rear brakeline be routed straight back under the child seat and above the trailing arm to the distributor?
Thank you again Elrick.
I can find the part on the late 1985 model, but according to my local MB dealer part A1074208028 is replaced by A123420742864 which they have in stock. They do not find this part when using the full chassis number as you already noted.

I will install it today and report back, as the dealer said the car was produced before the EPC was imagined and very occationally they have it wrong. First time in my experience.
Brakelines with ABS

Got the right brakeline finally, thanks to Elrick.

The correct line between the coupler and the rear distributor (#26) is MB part number A123420742864 and is 2400 mm long. It can be shaped by hand.

Not possible to find on the EPC using the full VIN, returns part no A1074206226 which is 3025 mm long.

Attached is a drawing showing the brakelines for cars with ABS.


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