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If you are racing you may crack the drilled rotor.
Otherwise you are safe.
The idea is to have clean pads, and throw the gasses out.
And like Mick/ msbarsi says, they are good in the rain.

I got to go. No I better run, I think I got some gas. ;)
I know I am going to get in trouble with this. LOL.
S*T I have them, & love them.
Look cool too. ;)


· Greek God of the R129
8,737 Posts
I Posted This In The R129 Forum
Do You Have An Answer For Me ???
Joe :Smoker:

BRAKE FLUID ?? I Got Castrol GT/LMA SYNTHETIC For ABS, Disc,And Drum Brake System Exceeds DOT 3 & DOT 4 Specs NEW Formuler.

Is This Ok To Use In My 2002 SL 500 ?
I'm Flushing Out All The Old Brake Fluid

Let Me Have Your Thinking On This Fluid

P. S. I Looked All Over The Forum And Can't Find Anything On Brake Fluid !!!
Hi Joe.
Thanks for asking my advice.
But as usual it comes with plus. ;)

I think any good quality brake fluid that meets dot 4 and manufacturers requirements is OK by me.
I am not a Mercedes parts fanatic, I go for the after market but with careful choices,
I go for the Mercedes parts makers, but with out the star mark on them.

I go for Bosch on electronic parts, Febi on fluids, Bilstien struts. Etc.

As long and it mixes with the existing fluid/
I also have used Castrol dot 3-4 with no problems.

You mentioned that you have posted it in R129.
( That's us.)
I wonder where else have you posted it in, may be in one of the P#$% sites? Haha.
You bad boy you.
I would not install the silicone stuff in............
It is OK for fun clutches, tits and nipples.
( Oops, did I misspell something? )

But I will keep it away from ABS and the suspension mechanics.


Like msbarsi and Chris have said, I go along with them.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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