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Brake Squeal Issue

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Had my 2016 in for 24-month service this month. Dealer did another fix (second one) for squealing brakes, but since they only squealed when it was cold and it's been very mild here, I don't know if this one worked.
Have a 2018 GLC 300. Breaks shriek in reverse in cold weather. The colder the louder. Love my car otherwise. Not hopeful for a fix at this point
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Our 2018 GLC300 4Matic also has shrieking brakes in cold weather. Wakes up the neighbors and is really embarrassing. It has only 20k miles. We had a 2016 before that with the same issue. This leads us to believe that Mercedes has absolutly no idea what to do about it or are too cheap to provide a remedy. I've been meaning to research if there is a factory service bulletin on this issue. Other than that, it's a fine vehicle.
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