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Brake Problem

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Hey Guys <br>
I have a 98 CLK320 <br>
I replaced my rotors with the oem and my brake pads with EBC Greenstuff. <br>
My problem is that my techs at the dealership say that the pads are too thick to be able to put the anti-rattle springs/clips on. Has anyone ever heard of this? With the clips off whenever I go over bumpy surfaces I can hear the clanking of metal coming from the brakes, The second I apply my brakes while going over the bumps the noise ceases. <br>
Surely there must be a way to fix this. How can EBC make thicker pad and have them still fit. They were easy to put on nothing was forced. Am I missing something? <br>
Input appreciated.
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Put anti-rattle silicon/grease on. Can can get it at any auto parts for $1 ea. bag.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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