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I recently had my front brake pads replaced by the dealer, and I have some questions and observations on certain issues. I think anybody who changes their front brake pads may want to have this in mind. Just in case their mileage goes south.

Minutes after the dealer changed my front brake pads and I drove away, my ABS/ETS/BAS lights came on. I couldn't schedule a visit right away, so I schedule it several days later. I noticed that my mileage was terrible, about 240-280 miles per tank. I normally have been gettting 320-380 miles per tank before I had the new brakes installed. At first, I thought maybe the new brake pads where too tight and maybe kind of braking the wheels constantly, but this was a wrong assumption..

The lights only came on once when I was driving, and after taking it to the dealer, they found, from the stored error code and after testing, that the brake/stop switch was now shorting out continuously. It seems that with the new brakes, I didn't have to press down too much so it seems that the brake/stop switch was shorting out a lot more more frequently.

Question, what is the brake/stop switch and how/why does it affect the computer and mileage.

I noticed, too, when I was having the brake/stop switch problem, that my vehicle will not roll smoothly when I was driving in traffic and stop/quit accelerating. It seemed it had a tendency to begin engine/gear braking. A feeling almost like a stick shift when you are in a lower gear and you take your foot out of the gas pedal.

After they replaced the stop/brake switch, my car is very smooth and now if I deaccelerate or take my foot out of the gas pedal it just rolls smoothly and nicely.

So is this a way to know if you have brake/stop switch problems..? Besides the one time the light came on and the lousy mileage, I will never have noticed the intermittent shorting of this switch.

Even more, I am getting a lot better mileage in city driving than ever before. I got around 340 miles per tank driving mix mode, which I never had achieved before. Before my best tank mileage ~380 miles was only after driving exclusively in the highway..

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