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Brake not as good as BMW

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OK. I replaced the all brake pads from 4 corners, front rotors and bleed the system with dot 4 fluid. The brake is still soft as compare to my 92
BMW 525 or Jaguar XJS. It brakes fine but it just a bit soft. Is this just how w124 brake system designed?

Next, I might replace the 17 years old brake lines.
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You probably need to rebleed the brakes.

If your lines are original, replace them. They are only $10 a piece and will be much better and safer than the old cracked ones you probably have now.

My brakes are very strong.
If viagra can solve the brake problem, I'll add some in since I have some left over.

OK. I bled the front brakes first and then the rear brakes. Does bleeding sequence matter? I use Motive brake bleeder.
That's your issue. RR -> RL -> FR -> FL in that order.

Motive Power Bleeder great job :thumbsup:

Just make sure you don't top up mid bleed otherwise air gets in.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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