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Brake not as good as BMW

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OK. I replaced the all brake pads from 4 corners, front rotors and bleed the system with dot 4 fluid. The brake is still soft as compare to my 92
BMW 525 or Jaguar XJS. It brakes fine but it just a bit soft. Is this just how w124 brake system designed?

Next, I might replace the 17 years old brake lines.
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Watch out for the "brake master cylinder really looks like it is full of fluid but it isn't" problem. Viewing the fluid level through the side of the reservoir is misleading since you see only the front chamber. If you keep adding fluid it will spill over some baffle and fill the back chamber too.

And remember that it will take a few miles for the new pads to "bed in" and mate perfectly with the rotors. Until then the pedal may feel a bit soft at the beginning of travel.
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