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Brake not as good as BMW

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OK. I replaced the all brake pads from 4 corners, front rotors and bleed the system with dot 4 fluid. The brake is still soft as compare to my 92
BMW 525 or Jaguar XJS. It brakes fine but it just a bit soft. Is this just how w124 brake system designed?

Next, I might replace the 17 years old brake lines.
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In any car, when you are bleeding the brakes, you start from the one farthest away from the master cylinder and last one is the one closest.
Start from the right (passenger side) rear, then left (dr.)rear, then right (pas.) front
and last (dr.) left front.
A very effective way for bleeding brakes, is gravity bleeding. Take cap off master cylinder, put a CLEAR tube over the bleed valve on the caliper, crack it open (just enough where brake fluid will start coming out--make sure the clear tube goes in a bottle which you will NOT reuse.
This takes time but works great!!!
Make sure your master cylinder ALWAYS has brake fluid in it. If it runs out, you will need to redoo the entire process.
When no more bubbles are showing up in the clear tube, that caliper is done. Close the bleeder valve and move on to the next one.
Also, youtube might have instructional videos on this.
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