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Brake Light / Starting Issue

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I have read the previous notes on the brake light issues; however, I would like to know whether the LED light solved the problem. The guy who engineered this brake light set up for mercedes should be sentenced to changing bulbs the rest of his life.

Question 2 has to do with my 98 with 83,000 miles..which now has decided to not start. It starts fine in the AM and for the next 3-4 times during the day, then it does not start...dead battery, but will start with a jump start. I have replaced the battery and the battery checks out good at the battery shop after its recharged. Also, I do not get the battery/alternater charge light on the instrument panel at any time. Any ideas would be appreciated!! Thanks
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It sounds like you have a charging system problem and maybe a defective alternator charge light or the circuitry that drives it. For a simple check, measure the voltage on the battery posts (not the cables or clamps, the posts) while the car is running at fast idle. You should see around 14.5 volts if the alternator-regulator is working properly; if you see only ~12 volts, either the alternator or its (possibly internal) regulator-rectifier are probably bad. It is also conceivable that a fuse to the alternator is blown.

It "might" be the case that what is causing it not to charge (if that is what is happening) is also draining the battery through defective regulator-rectifier circuitry.
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