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I’m a DIYer. To sum up what I went did I got 19 inch rims and tires. I needed to get 20 mm spacer, got hub rings. Got 60 mm Thread lug bolts. Which I ended up manually cutting to have 16-17 mm extension outside the spacer (that should be right). I had a bent back rotor and change all 4 rotors andyway. Even changed the back hubs. I bled the front brakes, but did not the back. The brake fluid seemed to all come out take them off. Which I worried put in in air in the brakes. Not sure what that means, but the brake definitely completely leaked out and refilled it twice. I had dot 4 brake fluid.

The rotors were not OEM but I keep seeing them in tutorials as they make them perfect size and fit.

Anyway after a few days the front brakes are clicking when you press the brake. I work from how, so it’s not as big a deal, but before that they were not giving a solid brake either way. It was a glide brake. Obviously very dangerous. They were atleast not clicking and I know sometimes it takes time for them to adjust. Now it’s clicking and there is an obvious issue. The rotors look good from tutorials, but I could easily put back the bosh front brake pads that were on.

I’m more worried about if I messed up the who ABS. Of course I don’t know what I’m talking about, but the back brakes off just leaked out the whole brake fluid slowly. I don’t know if that effects the air getting in or not. I bled the front brakes perfectly.

These are giant 19 inch wheels. I know the handling and why that messes up things, but these brakes before clicking where glidding to a stop. Not working right. Going by sound it seems to be the front that is an issue.
I don’t know how to trouble shoot this. The boshe front pads I can put back on, but they really had like 85% where, so I don’t know if the issue is about a significant size in the new pads.
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