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Brake fluid puddle under front of the roadster

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I went to move my 1980 450SL R107 and had almost no brakes. checked the fluid and noticed it was way low, then I noticed on the floor in the garage where she was parked there was a puddle on the inside of the front left wheel.

I suppose it could be many things but I'm thinking maybe a caliper. Its only been sitting for about 4-5 weeks and brakes never leaked before.

Any ideas?
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Weird, after topping it off its no longer leaking anywhere. Time to get dirty. :)
And did your pedal suddenly become hard??
Yes, once I topped it off and pumped up the petal again it seemed fine but I'm going to go through it next weekend and make a list of everything that needs refreshing. Its parked for the winter so good time to do it.

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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