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Brake fluid puddle under front of the roadster

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I went to move my 1980 450SL R107 and had almost no brakes. checked the fluid and noticed it was way low, then I noticed on the floor in the garage where she was parked there was a puddle on the inside of the front left wheel.

I suppose it could be many things but I'm thinking maybe a caliper. Its only been sitting for about 4-5 weeks and brakes never leaked before.

Any ideas?
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Might be a wheel cylinder, but sounds like a front left brake hose. Mine only
leaked a few drops at a time when parked, but upon firing up, and moving the car, it really came out. If it is the brake hose, change both of them while your
at it. The old rubber type hose has been replaced by a metal mesh covered
one. Should last the life of the car. They are not very expensive, and rather
easy to change too.

Not the OEM ones.

But hey, the first set lasted how long?
Nobby, You are correct. I meant Caliper. I just checked with my mechanic,
and he said that he had put the wire mesh hoses on temporarily, while waiting
for the regular hoses to come in. They were for a later model MB. The first set
lasted twenty five years I guess. They were on the car when I bought it in
January 2001. Thanks for the correction.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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